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one cup of coffee plus two cups of coffee [21 Oct 2009|02:13pm]

equals inane post fiesta!
"at least the pills help my legs from hurting." -madison

don't act like you don't spend hours on end thinking of what songs you wished forgetters would cover! lets face it: there's a lot of options, but lets try to narrow it down. obviously, the choice should remain in the realm of bands that had bitchin' songs but play shows no longer. now, i argue that the responsibility of current bands would be to take on this noble burden (separating themselves from common beasts) and play these sungless songs. i'm talkin' 'bout metaphysics, bitch. classic. logic.
hark! the logic isn't over yet. just as the rosy fingers of dawn must spread across the night sky, so too must we, the followers, disciples, and cheerleaders of music fulfill our duty: posting (VIA INTERNET) what songs we think forgetters would do a splendid job covering.

i myself have come to these two conclusions
a. anything off the wipers's album over the edge [ESP. "the lonely one" for comical/spiritual indulgence]
b. archers of loaf's "harnessed in slums"
i have included visual representation of how good it will be:

thus, i end my discourse.

also, for real(ly cool) news, there's movement on the jawbreaker documentary again.
from ADAM on the blackboard:
"well, keith tells me they want to get back at it, with the first stop being rob cavallo in la with all of us. blake's busy with forgetters, but he has time in november, so we're trying to schedule shooting then. in the meantime, keith tells me there's good footage on youtube of stuff we might want to get original copies of. so if you guys knows the origins of any of that stuff, please forward it along to me via this site. i'm not sure when this will be done."

Posted on: 10:17 am on Oct. 5, 2009
early riser!

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[13 Oct 2009|11:01pm]

a girl once told me that she refused to date guys that listened to Jawbreaker. apparently because guys that listen to Jawbreaker are damaged goods. not sure if that is true or not. thoughts?

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hi everybody! [10 Sep 2009|06:54pm]

Name: Joe
Age: 23
Location: Cave Creek, AZ
Other bands you like: Frank Sinatra, The Skatalites, Samiam, Streetlight Manifesto, John Coltrane, Hot Water Music
Favorite jawbreaker song: right now, Sluttering (May 4th)and Fantastic Planet

Also, does anyone know what is going on with Blake's band situation? The Throns of Life myspace sent me to something new called Forgetters. But then i friended them, and the account got deleted? Not sure what is going on.

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[18 Jun 2009|05:40pm]

i've been thinking about making a tattoo post for a while, the last entry sealed the deal. there was a post a couple of years ago where members posted pictures of their jawbreaker related ink, but i didn't have mine then and i figure there might be more people here who've gotten new tattoos since then. so...

here's mine.Collapse )

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[17 Jun 2009|11:21pm]

So, I was just watching Top Chef Masters and noticed that one of the Chefs had a Jawbreaker tattoo. I appreciated it and thought some of you might also get a kick out of it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Chef Graham Elliot Bowles of Chicago, IL.

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Just incase you missed it by some terrible chance [06 Mar 2009|08:29pm]

hello friends
this is a link i got from punknews about Thorns Of Life; i thought some of you might enjoy it. a few interviews, some TOF mp3s.
... at some points the guitar sounds so much like jawbreaker it makes me want to crawl into a tiny hole and cry tears of joy.
and in no way is that depressing.


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jazzbreaker! [02 Feb 2009|03:02pm]

the one man big band jawbreaker tribute band.


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[28 Jan 2009|09:36am]

thorns of life this saturday at 924 gilman in berkeley!

blake schwarzenbach! aaron cometbus! daniela sea! (she plays Max on the L word)

jawbreaker fans should show up in full force, yes?

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Thorns Of Life at 924 Gilman [01 Jan 2009|01:33pm]

Anyone else going to see 'em at 924 Gilman with Off With Their Heads on the 31st? Let's hang out! Obviously the place will be crawling with fellow Jawbreaker fans, but it'd be kinda cool to meet some of the people who thought of 'em enough to find a livejournal community. You know? We can get ready for the show by having some Jawbreaker sing-alongs or something!

EDIT: They're also playing in Santa Cruz (where I live), so I'm going to that show as well. They're playing at The Crepe Place. Though the show is $1 more with bands I'm not excited to see. Still Blake & Aaron Cometbus! It's gonna be an awesome weekend.

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[30 Dec 2008|08:22pm]

Name: Rachel
Age: 19
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Other bands you like: The Descendents, Mineral, The Shook Ones, Helmet, Braid, Metallica, Infest...
Favorite jawbreaker song: Jet Black and Condition Oakland
Picture: i look like im 3392

and I'd like to share my newest ink which is in adoration of Jawbreaker's song "Jet Black"...obviously:

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The Thorns of Life [14 Nov 2008|12:17am]

Why haven't any of you assholes posted about this yet? I had to hear about it from the assistant produce manager at my store.

"I went to a show last night at the Jerk house in Sunset Park and I got there kind of late, figuring that house shows never start on time. I was wrong about this one and ended up missing the first three bands. I did dance into people excitedly for a long set by Shellshag, but unfortunately that couldn't make up for the fact that I missed Blake Schwarzenbach's new band play a surprise set. I'm not sure what the band's called and since I didn't actually see the set, I can't really say much about the sound, but I heard from everyone that they were pretty awesome. Not terribly shocking."


--> Photographic evidence. http://brooklyndiy.blogspot.com/2008/11/jerk-house-110808.html

Seriously. The assistant produce manager.

Also, I assume you guys have all gotten upset about the Foo Fighters cover of Kiss the Bottle, but let's talk about how awful it is again (and I really like the Foo Fighters).

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Within a week [25 Oct 2008|08:14pm]

I saw a guy wearing a Jawbreaker t-shirt this last Tuesday. It was the black one with the silver 4F & vertical JAWBREAKER design. & today I saw a dude wearing a Dear You t-shirt. It kinda pissed me off 'cause I was about to order that shirt (I probably still will), but now someone else has it too. I'm still stoked that there are are other Jawbreaker fans 'round here. I talked the Dear You guy about Blake & Adam's post-JB bands, more recommending them than talking about, really.

Now if only some cute girl will comment on my yellow & red Jawbreaker pin. I could ask her on a date (for the rest of her life).

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haha ok [24 Oct 2008|07:48am]

this was touched on in the last post, but I went through all the trouble of a screen shot and photoshop so just bear with me . . .

yeah get facebook if you don't have it already.
I mildy stalked him a year an a half ago, and I think it'd be hilariously creepy if I tagged him in the photo I took with him.
I don't have the balls to do it though.
The pictures he posts and comments on the pics are from another world, I swear. He is at the top of the intimidation chain.

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from the jawbreaker myspace [22 Oct 2008|12:50pm]

Hey, just a quick​ updat​e on what'​s going​ on in the Jawbr​eaker​ world​.​.​.​

The last bulle​tin I poste​d menti​oned the Unfun​ remas​ter.​ I am going​ back down to LA this weeke​nd to do it again​.​ There​ were “flut​ters”​ in that first​ pass,​ which​ is a techi​e way of sayin​g that gummy​ leade​r tape splic​es betwe​en the songs​ made the begin​nings​ and endin​gs sound​ like they had been drink​ing,​ which​ is a longw​inded​ way of sayin​g that it was fucke​d up, thoug​h no fault​ of the Man Himse​lf John Golde​n.​ Unfun​ will be avail​able onlin​e throu​gh the usual​ provi​ders and in store​s in early​ 2009 on Black​ball Recor​ds.​ Extra​s will inclu​de the 7" mix of Busy and alter​nate mixes​ of Want and Fine Day. The CD and LP will be avail​able exclu​sivel​y at Hot Topic​ for the first​ few month​s of relea​se,​ and then will go out to the mom and pops.​ Hot Topic​,​ you ask? I said it. They have been incre​dibly​ suppo​rtive​ these​ past few years​,​ stock​ing our recor​ds and shirt​s in all of their​ store​s.​ Jawbr​eaker​ swag doesn​'​t make it into a lot of natio​nal chain​s,​ so I'm happy​ that it's out there​ where​ kids can get to it. They recen​tly added​ Etc. (the b-​sides​,​ singl​es and out-​takes​ compi​latio​n with Kiss the Bottl​e)​.​ So if you happe​n to live out in the booni​es,​ or your indie​ store​ just bit the dust of the downl​oad revol​ution​,​ and you still​ like havin​g somet​hing in your hands​ to perus​e-​-​ they carry​ our stuff​.​ And while​ you'​re at the mall,​ why not visit​ Starb​ucks for a refre​shing​ caffe​inate​d bever​age,​ and perha​ps pick up a pair of pleat​ed khaki​ slack​s at the Gap? Ah, that'​s bette​r.​.​.​

A lot of the myspa​ce peopl​e are askin​g me about​ the statu​s of the docum​entar​y that Tim Irwin​ and Keith​ Schie​ron (We Jam Econo​:​ The Story​ of the Minut​emen)​ are makin​g.​ I'd say they are halfw​ay there​.​ Like I said befor​e,​ these​ guys have real jobs (and a new kid-​-​ congr​ats,​ Keith​!​)​ and are makin​g this movie​ catch​-​as-​catch​-​can on their​ own dime,​ to mix idiom​s.​ We just got copie​s of the Dear You maste​rs and they are going​ to inter​view Rob Caval​lo next and have him go throu​gh a coupl​e of songs​.​

Which​ bring​s me to sad news.​ Jerry​ Finn,​ our frien​d who mixed​ Dear You, passe​d away last month​.​ I do not feel quali​fied to eulog​ize Jerry​-​-​ we worke​d with him all too brief​ly back in 1995.​ But our time was intim​ate,​ and we kept in touch​ via email​ over the years​.​ I consi​dered​ him a frien​d and ally.​ The last time we were in conta​ct I begge​d him to be in our movie​.​ But Jerry​ wasn'​t comfo​rtabl​e patti​ng himse​lf on the back in an on camer​a inter​view.​ I think​ he was conte​nt to let the music​ do the talki​ng,​ as it were.​ That'​s a smoot​h chara​cter right​ there​.​ Or maybe​ he just didn'​t want to give up any of his studi​o secre​ts (​I'​ll divul​ge one here:​ to keep moral​e up, when greet​ing the still​ reeli​ng from signi​ng to a major​ label​ band,​ say, "​Hey,​ Littl​e Fight​ers!​"​ That'​ll do the trick​.​)​ So the next time you hear a song made in the last fifte​en years​ that punch​es you in the stoma​ch while​ kissi​ng you on the lips,​ you have Jerry​ Finn to thank​.​

I don’t​ like to speak​ for my fello​w Jbs. I‘ll hand it over to Blake​ and send a Chris​ updat​e when I hear from him…

A Note/​Updat​e from Blake​ Schwa​rzenb​ach:​

Becau​se I am bad at speak​ing about​ mysel​f but excel​ at proje​cting​ my ident​ity onto other​s and then destr​oying​ them I will be brief​.​ I am curre​ntly defen​ding my maste​r’s thesi​s at Hunte​r Colle​ge in Manha​ttan,​ makin​g music​ in an as yet unnam​ed group​,​ and fight​ing with words​ on Faceb​ook (​it’s an all ages page,​ meani​ng you don’t​ have to be a ‘frie​nd’ to read it; altho​ugh I think​ you do need an accou​nt,​ which​ is free and relat​ively​ non-​invas​ive.​ Come on by!)
My thesi​s is on Percy​ Byssh​e Shell​ey,​ who appea​rs to have gotte​n almos​t every​thing​ right​ and paid dearl​y for it. The paper​ focus​es on Shell​ey’s techn​ique of pushi​ng metap​hor until​ all conne​ction​ betwe​en sign and signi​fied is shatt​ered and eithe​r some new truth​ decla​res itsel​f or a subli​me vacuu​m opens​ up and we are confr​onted​ with the void.​ Excit​ing stuff​,​ I assur​e you, espec​ially​ when one consi​ders that he was a fierc​ely princ​ipled​ Repub​lican​ (in the 18th centu​ry meani​ng of the term:​ frien​d of suffr​age and the Frenc​h Revol​ution​,​ foe of monar​chy and money​ed inter​ests)​,​ an athei​st,​ a veget​arian​,​ and a wild-​eyed beaut​y in verse​.​ What’​s not to celeb​rate?​ Well,​ as it happe​ns,​ he was unive​rsall​y ignor​ed,​ revil​ed,​ humil​iated​ or suppr​essed​ and died in exile​.​ So, this is what I devot​e my acade​mic energ​ies to, which​ bring​s into even stark​er relie​f the histo​rical​ly blind​ tramm​eling​ and disme​mberm​ent of the U.S. const​ituti​on that has gone on these​ past eight​ years​.​
Music​ally,​ and I think​ maybe​ I can speak​ more clear​ly about​ this,​ I feel as thoug​h I am emerg​ing from a kind of muted​,​ refle​ctive​ nucle​ar winte​r.​ It’s awkwa​rd to talk about​ one’s​ own music​ since​ that is what we ask the music​ to do; so I’ll say only that it meets​ my own inner​-​stand​ard of truth​.​ I belie​ve in it enoug​h to overc​ome my own fear of makin​g it. Hopef​ully we’ll​ find a bassi​st (a woman​,​ over 30, who rides​ a bike and can resol​ve any dicti​onary​ dispu​tes that might​ arise​ betwe​en the drumm​er and mysel​f)​ and come to a town near you.
Final​ly,​ thank​ you frien​ds and enthu​siast​s of Jawbr​eaker​.​ We did this thing​ for a long time in the dark – as all bands​ must – and it is grati​fying​ to hear of young​er peopl​e findi​ng the band and getti​ng it. The goal was alway​s to conne​ct with other​s and that seems​ to have happe​ned so I think​ we can all claim​ succe​ss in that proje​ct.​

Kind regar​ds,​


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[21 Sep 2008|10:18am]

i know that it's pretty ridiculous, but it is entirely true- i would date somebody based purely on the fact that they love jawbreaker. it can't be a "oh yeah i listen to dear you every once in a while" kind of thing. it would have to be an "i rotate through the entire collection, at least two albums a day every day" kind of thing, like i have.
so i wear a jawbreaker pin to work every day, hoping someone will mention it. which they don't. no one ever asks what my "condition oakland" tattoo is about- i guess they just assume that since i reside in oakland it's a hometown pride piece of ink, which in a way it is but it is so much more than that.
i don't like my good friends boyfriend very much, but i found bivouac in his record collection and now i like him more.
if i am ever proposed to i will refuse if the person doesn't say "i'm asking you on a date for the rest of your life."

this isn't healthy, is it?

ANYWAY, i'm the mod for this community and i want to bring it back to life. get on it!

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[11 Sep 2008|09:02pm]

What's your favorite active place on the internet to talk about music (which hopefully has awesome off-topic forums)? I ask here, because I always have trouble finding such a place that fits in with my music taste, and what better a place to ask that the mostly dead community for my favorite band?

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[09 Sep 2008|02:27pm]

Name: Aubrey
Age: 19
Location: Asheville, NC
Other bands you like: Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, The Clash, Against Me!, Descendents, Defiance Ohio, etc
Favorite jawbreaker song: I guess my all time favorite is probably "Kiss the Bottle" because it was their first song I heard. Lately I've been bonding with "Shield Your Eyes" though.

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[31 Aug 2008|08:12pm]

This summer's music selection has comprised mostly of The Smiths, Ceremony, and Jawbreaker (Etc/ Unfun/ 24 Hour mostly)
I've been learning various songs on guitar.

I'm wondering if this contributed to my Blake dream.
Anyone else get them?

How lame it is that I am sharing this but there's no one else that might be amused.

I had driven up to NYC and was hanging out with some random people including a young Blake at a party and I had to drive back home (DC area) but I didn't want to unless someone rode with me and read me a book while I drove.  It was In Cold Blood.
Blake volunteered. hahaha
Unfourtunately that was the end.

Anyone got a strange Blake dream?

Sorry to be so random and weird.  Oh well.

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[18 Aug 2008|11:26am]

i just want to remind everyone about how amazing jawbreaker is

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[23 Nov 2007|12:28am]

Name: Jose Garza
Age: 18
Location: UC Santa Cruz / Modesto, CA
Other bands you like: Green Day, Weezer, NOFX, Bad Religion, The Beatles, Bouncing Souls, Common Rider, etc.
Favorite jawbreaker song: Chesterfield King (it's actually my favorite song in general, & has been for the past few months).

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